Faces of pure innocence

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babies..kids...I always love to see baby's or kid's faces.So pure , so innocent, so sweet.Makes me remind of my own childhood years. Nothing to worry, problem free kind of life. As we grew up, so many things and aspects of life need to be embraced.We learned about friendship, love,hate,wisdom,stupidity,responsibility,loyalty,betrayal,trust etcetra. I also learned that in everything that we planned, sometimes it will not turn out like we expected. We climb, we fall, we get up and climb again. It is more shameful if we're not trying at all.Hey, we're not perfect, which makes us human :). As for the birth of my baby Nur Dayana Insyirah, me & my hubby are feeling very blessed (syukur Alhamdulillah...).Hope that the birth of our lovely daughter will tighten our love as it is now,forever.I also hope that we could be a good and wise parent for her, so that she could face this world with bravery (Dayana means "brave") and wisdom.Amin..

Her laughter and smile brighten our days...

Babies' cry makes we feel needed, we're more fragile than babies actually. Babies' smile makes we feel we're so blessed to live in this world.

A child stares can pierce through ur soul.

**Maaf ye... jiwang & emo sket entry kali nih sebab aku tgh windukan anak aku..waaaaa...isk isk..



Blog ni gunakan bahasa rojak & juga short forms..harap maafkan sy.Gaya bahasa yang digunakan, ikut mood entry,mood gambar dan juga mood orangnye..heheh..
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